ask?   This wouldn't have happened if I were a squirrel instead.
I'm Anna, born in that shameful year that is 1992, from the land of tomatoes and pizza. Studying Illustration in Art Academy, dealing with procrastination and sleep issues most of the times, a sad nerd and a big talker. I'm not remotely ashamed of my cheesiness, occasional derpiness, not-being-cool-ness or anything, just occasionally my chub, but I guess I can get along with it. As long as you are interested in things such as art in general, alternative music, skeletons, the '40s, tv series that go by the line of Doctor Who, gaming, and trying to accomplish that big thing in life that is doing what you love and getting paid to do it, we can get pretty much along.



    Hannibal vs. Empathy 

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    Farewell, Snow.”
    “And you, Stark.”

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    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (gif)

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    flamingos really piss me off like what the hell are they doing??????

    lookin 4 tha party

    freshmen on their first weekend at college

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